Projection of concrete structures

Design office of the statics of building foundations and supporting structures of buildings PBK Chrudim a.s.

Our design office deals with the design of precast concrete structures and deep foundation or shallow foundation of buildings, industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, office buildings and others.


We cooperate closely with the manufacturing of precast elements, and especially with suppliers of precast frame structures. As a result, we have a wealth of experience to help us meet the demands of clients. We design elements of both reinforced and prestressed technology of production.


The suggestions of building foundations

A large part of our work consists of proposals for the establishment of structures, especially of pile foundation, retaining walls, lowering pits and sheeting walls, or planar footing.



We prepare projects in all design stages:

  • documentation for territorial proceeding,
  • documentation for building permission
  • documentation for conctruction implementation,
  • workshop documentation of precast structures
  • static reports/assessments
  • consultancy
  • tender documentation

Look at our referential buildings

Since its foundantion our coumpany has successfully completed a large number of projects. Selected references including photos can be seen here:

References - photogallery


We offer individual prefabrication

Even in this modern time, we still encounter the issues of both lay and professional public on whether it can be produced something individual from precast element, something that is „not in the catalog".


Present time calls for great flexibility, which is reflected in the branch of precast reinforced concrete structures.

Clients require such parameters of the structure that has been unable to create anything other than to make it made-to-measure – individually. Currently the main role has had economic and temporal perspective while maintaining all the necessary requirements that are imposed on a bearing frame structure - reliability, security, functionality and aesthetics.